How an App is Increasing My Prayer Life

by  Danny Lightner


I say it without hyperbole: An app for my phone, called “PrayerMate”, has had a huge positive influence on my prayer life. I know that praying from an app is not for everyone, but for me it has made all the difference. Let me tell you how to use it.

PrayerMate borrows from the physical world and mimics an organized collection of index cards. Imagine a card file: each of the dividers marks a new category, each of the categories contains several cards, and each card contains a prayer. Now, just take that paradigm and translate it to an app. You create your categories and cards, and each day the app presents you with a collection of items to pray for. It’s that simple!

Below is the list of categories I have created, just so you can see an example of how you could use it as well. I know that there are MANY other things I could pray about, but this is how I have started. I envision adding many other categories and subjects under those categories in the weeks to come.

  • Personal Life: When the Lord shows me something in my life that I need to work on concerning my own character, ministry, life as a husband or father, etc., I add it to this prayer list.
  • My Family: Here I have listed all the names of my immediate family members, praying for at least one of them every day.
  • My Church: Here is a list of all the different ministries at FFC (children’s, youth, missions, etc.), as well as “big picture” things that we are praying through as a church (currently, the issue with our facilities, a more specific vision, outreach events, and more).
  • Unbelievers: There are certain unbelievers I am burdened for, and I pray for them here. These may be people in our family, neighborhood, or at church.
  • The Nations: God is giving me a greater passion for what he is doing around the world, so here I pray for the advancement of the gospel. One of the great features about this app is that you can subscribe to certain feeds, so I have chosen to subscribe to the “Operation World” feed. That means that every day, a country of the world pops up on my phone and I’m given facts and advice about what to pray for concerning the gospel’s advancement in that country.
  • Ministries: Here is where I pray for ministries or missionaries that Sarah and I have committed to support through prayer and/or financial resources.
  • Friends/Family:  When I tell a friend or extended family member, “I will pray for you!”, this is the category that I add them to.

So, there are just some examples of the categories that I have set up so far. Each morning, before my kids wake up and the house starts to get crazy and noisy, I spend time in God’s word (the “515 Reading Plan” right now!). Then, I pray using the acronym TACOS (because food works for me), which stands for:

Thanksgiving, Adoration, Confession, Others, Self

I use the passage that I just read in Scripture to guide my prayer time through the “T”, “A”, “C” items. So, for example, if I just read Ephesians 1, I would spend time in Thanksgiving and Adoration, praising the Lord for adopting me into His family, and then I would enter a time of Confession about times that I fail to remember that I am His child.

When I get to the “others” and “self” portion of this model, that’s when I grab my phone and use PrayerMate. The app is FREE, and it is available for Apple and Android devices.

Why not give it a try?